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FOX News
Jun 20, 2013 12:00am PDT
story. coming up, has the economy started to rebound? jesse joyce discusses his new book "i was fired from my job at sketchers in the mall for selling weed to teenagers." he will never learn. look at you. something, something victoria secret, ya like i have to write anything else. you people are so easy. >>> should he go to jail for his makeshift one? an upstate new york man, is there any other kind, is facing criminal charges for locking four boys in a closet after catching them vandalizing his father-in-law's house. jesse daniels -- it is always jesse -- says he found the eight and ten-year-olds inside with hammers and coralled them into a closet while his wife called the cops. but one father says that while what the kids did was wrong, danielles should have handled it differently. the dads said he threatened them and grabbed one leaving a mark. they said that is not the case. >> these marks that these children had, mr. smith, were actually created from chards of glass, ceramic fixtures. i assured them they were not dangerous and the police will tend to them when they arrive. >> he
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
to improve the economy, service and public safety. and others have gone to extreme measures to ensure their privacy. >> got a laugh from a camera man. >> he was having a heart attack. >> pab, interesting survey, we have lost our privacy, we are not happy about it, but we do not think there's anything we can do about it. about right? it's almost like the weather. >> yeah, i mean, it is very hard in this day and age to opt out, you can still opt out from the advertisers, you do not have to be on facebook or buy things online. the problem is more the government, you cannot really opt out when they are monitoring all of your patterns and all that. and we know this government will try to draw conclusions about you based on your ideology. terrorists threats being people who are in favor of gun rights and veterans and what not, and we know they will abuse their power to target those with whom they disagree. >> the problem with abuse is that it can be applied to any department that they disagree with. in general, most people saw the up sides of the data collection. because they have grown up
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)